This new report lists the following information for each teacher:

  • Total standards

  • Total standards attempted

  • Total standards met

The report runs across all classes in the school which has standards. There is a lot of processing involved in this (kind of like running the Standards Met report for all classes at once.) so the report takes about 6-12 seconds to run.  Once it completes you can view the standards summary information (Total, Attempted, and Met) for all classes across the whole school.  This report is grouped by teacher allowing administrators to see which teachers are on track with teaching their standards.

The report is located in “Administrator Reports” tab under the “Teachers” section:

To run the report, the user just has to select one or more terms from the drop-down. If you want to run it for just a single teacher you can optionally select a teacher from the Filter By: drop-down.  Then press the submit button to process the report:

Once the report finishes processing it will show a list of teachers as well as a list of the standards info totaled across all their classes.

You can click on a teacher to show all the subjects and their respective standards information .  A subject is one or more classes with the same teacher and class title within the terms selected.  This is important because sometimes teachers teach standards over multiple terms for a particular subject.  For example: teachers will put all the standards in the 1st Semester  “Algebra II” class that they plan to teach over the course of the year (each term has a different class).  They do this because standards are copied from class to class and so they make sure the first class has all the standards that they plan to teach for the year even though they will only cover half of those in the first semester.  So the subject will show the standards info by subject for the selected terms.

You can click on an individual subject in the report to view the specific classes in each term that make up that subject and see each class’s respective standards information.

Lastly you can click on an individual class and view the Standards Met report for that class.  This is the same report that is available within the “Teacher Reports” tab.

The PDF printer within Gradelink is not supported on this report as it is an interactive report. This means that once the report is loaded, you can change what it looks like by expanding or collapsing various elements of the report.  Thus, only printing straight from the browser is supported, which captures the current view at that moment.  Most browsers now have built in PDF printing if a school needs a pdf file.  Also, when printing this report, it is recommended that you check the option to “print background colors” when printing.