1. I am wondering how Gradelink calculates GPA.

2. We believe that Gradelink is not calculating our GPA correctly.

3. A parent or student has shown us that they are receiving an incorrect GPA calculation. How do we fix it?

4. How do we fix a GPA? How do we tell if it is being calculated incorrectly?


There are two parts to this solution:

1. Gradelink GPA Calculation

2. GPA Calculation Corrections

Gradelink is a giant GPA calculator. It takes in the setting that are applied to each class and calculated the GPA. If a GPA is calculating incorrectly, this means that a setting was not set properly. 

Gradelink GPA Calculation:

The GPA Value is multiplied by the number of units the class is worth and then totaled. This is then divided by the total amount of units taken and the result is the GPA for that term. Both the GPA value and units can be set by the user.

As a default Gradelink has preset Standard and Honors grade scales; however, these can be edited to your needs.

GPA Calculation Corrections:

If a GPA is incorrect for a student, there are a few places where settings may have been set incorrectly.

1. Class Units/ Credits

2. Grade Scale

1. Class Units/ Credits

This is the MOST common place for errors with a student's GPA calculation. 

1. Click on the Classes tab.

2. Select a class that you suspect has an incorrect GPA, or one of the student's potential classes (it is good to check all classes a student has - that way there are no mistakes).

3. Check the Units/ Credits. If the value is incorrect, change it to the correct value. 

4. Click on the Save button.

Note: It is not un-common for a grade that is not supposed to be counted towards anything to be accidentally added.

2. Check the Grade Scale

1. Click on the Classes tab.

2. Next to where it says Grade Scale, click on the gear icon.

1. Select the appropriate Grade Scale in the top right hand corner.

2. Select one of the grade scale values.

3. Check to see is the GPA Value is correct. If not, change it to the correct one.

4. Click on Submit Changes.