1. Next year we are switching to a different term format. How do we do this? Example: From Trimesters to Quarters.

2. How do I change from Trimesters to Quarters?

3. How do I change from Semesters to Trimesters?

4. How do we change the term style? (ex. trimesters to semesters)

Note: This can only be done at the very beginning of the year or in-between years. 


Add in the new term types and update the classes. 

Add and Copy Term Classes

1. Add the new terms. 

2. Copy the term classes

Update Class Information

1. Change the teacher of the class if the teacher changes.

2. If you calculate GPA, you will need to update the classes to match new amount of terms.

Example: Lets say that all classes are worth 1 credit per year. If you had quarters set up in the past the classes were probably set to .25 credits per term. You will not need to change the amount of credits to .33 for trimesters. If you are switching to quarters with semesters, you will need to change it to .5 credits per term.