Assignment Grade Codes are a built-in grade scale that allow Teachers to assign grades such as "Absent", "Excused" or "Incomplete" to assignments. In contrast to Alternative Grades, which overwrite a student's grade in a class, Assignment Grade Codes are only intended to overwrite a student's grade on an individual assignment.

Let's look at Assignment Grade Codes in more detail.

1. As an Administrator, click the Classes tab on the left sidebar.

2. Navigate to the gear icon to the left of the Grade Scales drop-down menu, and select Assignment Grade Codes from the menu that appears on the right side of the page.

3. You can select an existing Assignment Grade Code to make changes to its information, or you can create a new Assignment Grade Code by entering in information into the Grade Symbol, Grade Description, and Grade Order fields.

a. Exclude From Grade Calculation: Select this option if you don’t want a particular Assignment Grade Code to harm a student’s grade overall. This option is usually used for “Excused/Exempt” assignments, where the student should not be penalized for not completing an assignment.

b. Percentage Grade: Contrarily, you can select this option if you want to determine what percentage value an assignment with this Assignment Grade Code will be worth. Typically, this option is used for “Incomplete” assignments, which have a Percentage Grade of 0%.

4. Click Submit Changes if you’re editing an existing Assignment Grade Code, or Add if you’re creating a new one.