You can upload images to your school news or teacher pages by uploading the file onto Gradelink directly from your computer.

  • First, click on the upload image/file icon in the Post Editor toolbar.

  • A window will appear prompting you to select a file from your desktop to upload onto your Gradelink school news or teacher page.

  • Choose the file from your desktop and then click “OK”.
  • The image will then appear on your page.

You can also embed images you find on the web. The easiest way to do this is via drag-and-drop. (Note: works in Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari)

  • Open two separate browser windows, side by side.
  • Click and drag the image into the editor window, being careful to drop it within your content, in other words, in-between text words or lines – and not in the blank area below. Otherwise it may prompt you to leave the page, losing your changes.

Though drag-and-drop does not work in Internet Explorer, you can actually copy-and-paste the image.

  • Right-click on the image directly
  • Choose “Copy”
  • Click into your editor window where you want to place the image
  • Click the “Paste” icon or choose “Paste” from Internet Explorer’s Edit menu.

Alternatively, you can also embed images by pasting their URL (web address) into your post.

  • In most browsers, and on most sites, you can right-click (or control-click on Macs with one-button mice) and choose to “Copy Image Address”, “Copy Image URL” or “Copy Shortcut”.
  • Click the image icon  in the Post Editor toolbar.
  • A window appears prompting you to enter the URL of an image on the Web.
  • Paste the copy URL into the “URL” field, and click “OK”

Once you’ve added your image, you can then choose a layout to determine how your image will appear in your post:

  • The ‘Left’, ‘Center’, and ‘Right’ options allow you to customize the way your blog text will flow around your image.
  • The ‘Image size’ options will determine how large the image will appear within your post.

If the image is too big or small, double click the image to adjust the width or height of the image. (The lock icon keeps it in proportion).