1. I need to add an image to the body of my email. 

2. How do I add an image to an email?


Currently, Gradelink does not support uploading images from your computer. You can still include images in your emails, but you will need to upload your photos to an image-hosting website.

To embed an image in your email, you'll want to first upload your image to an image-hosting website. For this example we'll be using Imgur, but the process is similar for other popular websites such as tinypic, Flickr, and Google Photos.

First, we'll upload our image.

After the image is done uploading, you should see a page similar to this with a URL that you can copy. This is NOT the correct URL.

What you need to do instead is right click on the image and select Copy Image Location / Copy Image Address (the phrasing might be slightly different in your browser).

Now, return to Gradelink.

1. Click on the Image button.

2. Paste the address for your hosted image in the URL field. The address that you paste in the URL field should end with a file extension such as .jpg, .jpeg, or .png. If it doesn't, your image may not load properly.

3. Adjust any additional settings, such as Width and Height.

4. Hit OK.