Gradelink has the ability to integrate with Renaissance Learning's platform suite which includes Star Reading, Star EL, Star Math, and other tools. 

The sync pushes data (Students, Staff, and Class titles) from Gradelink to Renaissance Learning in conjunction with their CDI integration tool. Scores from Renaissance Learning are not pushed back to Gradelink. 

Setup Steps

Step 1

Log into your Renaissance Learning account and obtain the following information: 
- SFTP Server address

- Directory
- Filenames

- Username

- Password. 

Step 2

Provide this information to your representative at Gradelink who will configure settings for your account appropriately. This may include enabling the Course Codes field on the Classes page.

Step 2:

Add appropriate course codes to your classes based on the list below. Only classes with course codes found in the list below will be synced with Renaissance Learning. 

  1. Math (Use this code for all math and algebra classes)
  2. LanguageArts (Don't include a space between "language" and "arts". Use this code for classes that include English, Language, Reading, Vocabulary, Penmanship, Handwriting, Phonics, Spelling, Grammar, Writing, and Literature). 
  3. Science (Use this code for all science and STEM classes).
  4. Health (Use this code for all health classes)


My data didn't sync. What should I do?

If your data didn't sync, check the following:

1) You need to have at least one term active. Go to the Terms tab, and make sure one term is active. 

2) You need to have classes in the active term. Go to the Classes tab, and make sure there are classes in that term.

3) The classes need to have course codes applied. The spelling of the code must exactly match the list provided.

4) Students need to be populated in the classes. Click on the class to see who is populated in the class. The names of the students will be found on the right. If no one is populated in the class, it will not sync. 

How often is data from Gradelink synced with Renaissance Learning

Data from Gradelink is pushed to Renaissance Learning nightly.

What method is used to sync

Data syncs using SFTP.