Gradelink's financial record keeping is free. This includes everything except for online payment. That is, the balance sheets, reports showing how much each student or family paid, and what the school brings in per category such as tuition, after care fees etc.

Payment processing is provided through our partners and FACTS Tuition Management. If you want to use a payment processor not listed here, you certainly may but you will need to manually add charges/payments into the ledger, and payments will need to be accepted external of Gradelink's system.


  • A white labeled payment processor that allows students/parents to make payments from within Gradelink's SIS and never see the PaySimple name or branding
  • Supports one time payments, such as registration fees, and recurring monthly payments, for tuition
  • Does not support weekly payment schedules
  • Recurring payments can be set up by the parent or the bookkeeper
  • Schools can remove the option for students/parents to create or edit a recurring payment schedule so that all schedules are created by the bookkeeper
  • Works with EnrollMe, Gradelink's online admissions product, giving you the option of collecting one-time registration fees at the same time
  • Gradelink customers receive discounted pricing for PaySimple's services
  • Transactions made using PaySimple won't appear in the ledger of Gradelink so they will need to be manually entered
  • Payments are not directly connected to a charge so it is possible for a student/parent to make a general payment that may cover multiple items and the bookkeeper would need to refer to the memo line to understand which charges the payment applies to
  • Bookkeepers can access payments processed by PaySimple inside of Gradelink under the Payments tab and from a school's PaySimple portal
  • PaySimple syncs with Quickbooks Online. Learn more about this sync.
  • You can choose which credit cards you accept in the settings under Settings > Payment Processing.

FACTS Tuition Management

  • A collection service designed to collect tuition from students and deposit into the school's bank account
  • If a student or family is late on payment, FACTS will contact the student/family to work out a system where they can pay the school the owed tuition
  • FACTS charges the families $50/year for this service
  • Students/parents pay zero transaction fees if they use ACH and 2.85% with credit card
  • Transactions made using FACTS won't appear in the ledger of Gradelink
  • Parents will enjoy a single sign-on experience - when parents press the 'billing' button in the Gradelink parent portal, they will be taken to the FACTS website and be logged in automatically
  • Parents don't need to enter a user name or password because the accounts are synchronized using a Single Sign-on functionality
  • Administrators and bookkeepers will check the balance either by logging into FACTS or by reviewing the balance reports emailed to them
  • FACTS sync's with Quickbooks desktop Quickbooks online
  • Click here to set up single sign-on with FACTS with Gradelink