Custom Classes are classes that are considered non-academic.  They are typically used for assessing performance in areas such as Effort, Character, Work Habits, Behaviors, etc. 

 Many schools utilize Custom Classes for lower grade levels, such as Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten.  Grades in Custom Classes are not based on an aggregate of individual assignment grades like typical “Standard” Classes, but instead utilize Sub-Grades to show performance or skill mastery.  

Unlike Standard Classes, Custom Classes lack a grade sheet with assignments that are aggregated to determine a final grade; instead, a teacher enters an overall grade into each Sub-Grade field on the Custom grade sheet.

Standard class grade sheets expand as assignments are given, and the score of each assignment is totaled to determine the final class grade.   A grade scale must be assigned to Standard classes.  Custom classes may have a grade scale assigned, or may be set up with "unrestricted grading," meaning the teacher is able to enter any number or symbol.  Grades on Custom grade sheets do not factor into GPA.


  • Custom Classes only possess Sub-Grades, and the first Sub-Grade may be used for the “overall grade”.
  • However, an “overall grade” is not necessary and this can be left blank if so desired.
  • Custom Classes appear on the Report Cards as their own group, separate from the “Standard” Type Classes.
  • Custom Classes can be shown or hidden on Progress Reports based on personal preference, but will not show on Transcripts.
  • GradeScales for Custom Classes are entirely customizable, but do not factor into GPA calculation.