Once an enrollment form has been submitted, the administrator can choose to either approve or deny the application. Once approved, the student can be imported to the Students tab for the upcoming school year as either a “re-enrollment” or a “newly enrolled” student.

Gradelink helps you stay organized by providing the workflow “Status” selector. Below is a detailed description of each status:

  1. Started: The form was started by the student/parent and is in the process of being completed. Note: This is the only status where the form can still be edited by a student/parent.
  2. Submitted: The student/parent has filled out all required fields and submitted the form. They can no longer make further changes to any information.
  3. In-Process: This step is optional. Usually, the administrator utilizes this status if the enrollment form is missing important information, such as a registration fee, birth certificate, or a hand-signed form. In this case, the form is not ready to be approved or denied.
  4. Pending: This step is optional. The administrator typically uses this status if the form is simply not ready for approval or denial for whatever reason.
  5. Approved: The application has been accepted, and the student’s data is ready to be imported into your Students tab.
  6. Not Approved: The student has been declined admission.
  7. Canceled: The student/parent has begun an enrollment form, but then decides not to attend.

Note: A record of the form’s status changes is automatically saved.

These statuses will automatically update the applicant’s information in the Students tab status to “Re-enrollment” if they are already in your database and have chosen to re-enroll through EnrollMe, unless their status has been changed to “Not Approved” or “Canceled”.

Note: You can take private notes, seen only by administrators, on each form.