When an application is started, it will appear in the Workflow. There, Administrators will be able to monitor the progress of the application and, after it is submitted, choose to either approve or deny it. Once approved, the student can then be imported into Gradelink for the upcoming school year.

The column on the left side of the page displays all the EnrollMe applications you have received. The list of applications can be sorted by Session using the drop-down menu at the top or by Name and Status using the search fields below. In addition to noting whether the application is for a New Enrollment or a Re-enrollment, the list also notes the current status of the application as well as whether or not the Student has been imported. 

When you select an application on the left (selected applications appear in yellow), details about the application will appear in the center of the page. If you want to view the actual data that was input by parents, you'll need to jump over to the Online Forms tab.

Form Status tells you at what stage in the enrollment process a particular application is. Let's look at the different form statuses in more detail:

  1. Started: The form was started by a student or parent and is in the process of being completed. This is the only status where the form can still be edited.
  2. Submitted: The student or parent has filled out all required fields and submitted the form. They can no longer make any changes to the form.
  3. In-Process: This is an optional status used when the enrollment form is missing important information, such as a registration fee, birth certificate, or a hand-signed form.
  4. Pending: This is an optional status used when the form is simply not ready to be approved or denied.
  5. Approved: The application has been accepted, and the student’s data is ready to be imported.
  6. Not Approved: The student has been declined admission.
  7. Canceled: The student/parent has begun an enrollment form, but then decides not to attend.

You'll be able to see a record of the form's status changes in the Status Update History section on the right side of the page. These statuses will automatically update the applicant’s information in the Students tab status to “Re-enrollment” if they are already in your database and have chosen to re-enroll through EnrollMe, unless their status has been changed to “Not Approved” or “Canceled”.

The Enrollment Processing Notes field lets Administrators take private notes, only visible to other administrators and teachers that have been granted access to EnrollMe.

Link to Student and Import to Family ID are special fields that only appear for New Enrollments. These fields are used in the event that a parent accidentally enrolls their child as a New Enrollment instead of a Re-enrollment, and allows you to link data from an application to an existing student account.

Some schools require application fees or other forms of payment through EnrollMe. Payments made through an application are tracked in the EnrollMe Online Family Payments field. The Payments field can also track payments made by the same family on other applications.