The Permissions menu allows Full Administrators to determine what areas of Gradelink Limited Administrators will have access to.

  1. Students: Provides access to the Main, View/Export, Prospects and Admin sub tabs on the Students tab. The View/Export sub tab excludes access to Discipline and Medical.

  • Grades Preview Pane: Provides access to the preview pane on the right side displaying the student's photo, last login, current grades, and attendance. Access to the "Students" tab is required.

  • Counseling: Provides access to the Counseling sub tab on the "Students" tab. The View/Export sub tab will include access to Discipline. Access to the "Students" tab is required.

  • Medical: Provides access to the Medical sub tab on the "Students" tab. The "View/Export" sub tab includes access to Medical. Access to the "Students" tab is required. 
  • Financial: Provides access to the Financial tab.
  • GradeSheet: Provides access to the GradeSheet tab. Admin limited staff can click on a student's name to view their profile. The student's profile will include the same information provided to teachers (configure via "Settings" -> "Teacher"). This means if you provide teachers will access to Discipline or Medical then you also provide Admin limited accounts with access to Discipline and/or Medical when you grant access to the GradeSheet.
  • Classes: Provides access to the Classes tab.
  • Terms: Provides access to the Terms tab.
  • Administrator Reports: Provides access to the Administrator Reports tab.
  • Teacher Reports: Provides access to the Teacher Reports tab.
  • Populate Classes: Provides access to the Populate Classes tab.
  • Attendance: Provides access to the Attendance tab. The attendance reports are available from the Administrator Reports and Teacher Reports tabs. Attendance settings are only available to full administrators through the Settings tab.
  • Transcripts: Provides access to the Transcripts tab. Admin Limited accounts do not have access to the following buttons on the Transcript tab (these buttons are only available to full administrators):
  • Edit Grades
  • Edit Classes
  • Edit Terms
  • Transcript Options
  • Communicate: Provides access to the Communicate tab.
  • EnrollMe: Provides access to the EnrollMe tab.

Recommended Settings for Roles

  • Admissions: Students, Communicate, EnrollMe
  • Attendance Clerk: Teacher Reports, Administrator Reports, Attendance
  • Bookkeeper: Students, Financial, Communicate
  • Office Manager: Students, Terms, Administrator Reports, Teacher Reports, Populate Classes, Attendance, Transcripts, Communicate
  • IEP: Students, Grades Preview Pane, Transcripts (this provides access to the "Students" tab, the "Academics" sub tab which includes IEP, and the "Transcripts" tab)