1. Navigate to the Settings tab.
  2. Click the Daily Atten. Settings button. 

  3. Click the specify non-school days to indicate breaks your school takes. 
  4. Modify or add any attendance value. 
  • Abbreviated Title is what teachers see when entering attendance
  • Report Legend displays on some reports where space is limited, such as the "Attendance Sheet"
  • Report Card Title is the version that shows on the report card 
  • Show on Report Card allows you to show only certain values on the report card
  • Multi-Select allows the option to be selected in addition to another option (for example, "Present" and "Absent" should not have this checked as they are exclusive values, however you may want to check this for "Tardy" since a student can be both "Present" and "Tardy" on the same day)
  • Present and Absent values allow extra options to count towards a total; if your attendance totals are not adding up correctly, please contact our support department. 
  • Excluded Attendance means that the value does not count against a "Perfect Attendance" record (such as a "Holiday")
  • Billing Value allows you to attach an automatic charge to the value through the "Financial " tab