1. How do I assign extra credit as a teacher?

2. I need to assign extra credit to a student.

3. Can I give only 1 student extra credit? 


Teachers can assign Extra Credit in two ways:

  • First, by manually entering extra credit while grading an assignment.
  • Second, by creating an extra credit assignment type.

Method 1 - Manually entering extra credit

When assignments are created, Teachers are required to choose one of three grading styles: Percentage, Letter, and Points.

For assignments that use the Percentage and Points grading styles, Teachers can manually enter extra credit worth up to 250% of the maximum grade when entering grades.

In the example shown above, an assignment is worth 10 points but a particular student has a grade of 25. This is the first way Teachers can enter extra credit.

Method 2 - Creating an extra credit assignment type

Assignment Types apportion a certain percentage, also referred to as 'Weight', of the overall class grade to certain types of assignments. Normally, the weight of all assignment types needs to add up to exactly 100%.

However, Teachers have the ability to create a specific assignment type called 'Extra Credit' that allows them to assign more than 100% of a class grade.

In the example shown above, the four different assignment types actually add up to 104% (50+25+25+4). This is possible because the 'Extra Credit' assignment type has the setting Make this type Extra Credit enabled.

To learn more about setting up assignment types, please click here.

Note: Extra Credit cannot be applied to Sub-grades or Custom Classes.