Custom Classes are classes that are considered non-academic that are typically used for assessing performance, such as Effort, Character, Work Habits, Behaviors, etc.  Many schools utilize Custom Classes for lower grade levels, such as Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten.  Custom Classes are not graded like typical “Standard” Classes, and instead utilize Sub-Grades to determine performance.  Unlike Standard Classes, Custom Classes lack a GradeSheet and assignments are not aggregated to determine a final grade; instead, Custom Classes pull an overall grade based on what is entered into the Sub-Grade fields.


  • Custom Classes only possess Sub-Grades, and the first Sub-Grade is used for the "overall grade".
  • However, an "overall grade" is not necessary and this can be left blank if so desired.
  • Custom Classes appear on the Report Cards as their own group, separate from the "Standard" Type Classes.
  • Custom Classes can be shown or hidden on Progress Reports based on personal preference, but will not show on Transcripts.
  • Grade Scales for Custom Classes are entirely customizable, but do not factor into GPA calculation.