Are you interested in data driven teaching? With Gradelink SIS you can create groups of standards for each subject. Teachers and Administrators can easily see which standards have or have not been covered in order to close gaps in their curriculum. Since Gradelink links standards to assignments, you can also see just how well students and classes are performing in a given standard, including sub-category or category averages.

Gradelink supports Common Core State Standards (CCSS), and additional state and diocese/district standards are being added. If you don’t see your local standards listed, please contact Gradelink support for assistance. You can also configure custom standards specific to your school.

Keep tabs on students’ standards performance in every class. Using an easy-to-read graph, the report displays the standards met by each teacher’s students, the number of standards each student has attempted, performance across multiple terms and more.

Gradelink offers a flexible report card format optimized for reporting on standard categories, subcategories, or individual standards. These averages can be optionally appended to either an overall mastery level mark or grade, allowing for preservation of the traditional grading format while adding the display of standards performance specific to each class.

Note: If you intend to generate report cards that show Standards, please contact Gradelink support for assistance and guidance in configuring classes and setting