Standard Classes are classes that are considered academic. Academic classes appear on the Report Card and Transcript and factor into the overall GPA.

The grade sheet for Standard Classes is flexible and will expand as new assignments are created. Each assignment is graded using the Grade Scale assigned to the class, and assignment grades are used to calculate an overall class grade for each student.

In contrast, Custom Classes are considered non-academic. Non-academic classes can still appear on the Report Card, but will not appear on the Transcript and do not factor into the GPA. Custom Classes are typically used to grade performance in areas such as Effort, Work Habits, and so on.

Unlike Standard Classes, Custom Classes don't have assignments that are aggregated to determine a final grade. Instead, specific assessments that cannot be changed are configured prior to the start of each Term. Furthermore, while Custom Classes sometimes have a grade scale assigned to them, they can also be configured to allow "unrestricted" grading which means Teachers can enter any mark as a grade.

Additional Notes:

  • Custom Classes only possess Sub-Grades, and the first Sub-Grade may be used for the “overall grade”.
  • Custom Classes do not require an “overall grade”, which means assessments can be left blank.
  • Custom Classes appear on the Report Cards as their own group, separate from the “Standard” Type Classes.
  • Custom Classes can be enabled or disabled on Progress Reports based on personal preference, but will not show on Transcripts.
  • Grade Scales for Custom Classes are customizable, but Custom Classes do not factor into GPA calculation.