1. A class the student is supposed to be taking does not appear on the progress report. If a class does not appear on a student’s progress report, it is because the student has not been registered in the class. Use the Populate Classes tab to add the student to a class.

  2. The name of the class is misspelled on the progress report. To correct the spelling of a class, click on the Classes tab, click on the name of the class, and change the spelling in the Report Title field.

  3. The grade scale for the class is wrong. To correct the grade scale, click on the Classes tab, click the Grade Scale menu, and select the correct grade scale.

  4. I don’t see the sub-grades for the classes. Sub-grades for standard classes will not display on progress reports. As an alternative, teachers may include narrative comments. Sub-0Grades can be displayed for custom classes by selecting “Show Custom Classes.”

Schools that wish only to inform parents of below average grades may find the Deficiency Report a good alternative to the Progress Report. The Deficiency Report displays only those classes in which the student is earning a grade at or below a threshold set by the administrator.