1. Our transcript is not showing a grade level, how do we fix that?

2. How do I only show middle school on the transcript?

3. Is there a way to only include certain grade levels on the transcript?


Gradelink allows Administrators to restrict the range of grade levels that will be included on the transcript. This is useful for situations when a student has attended the same school for many years, but only some of those years need to be recorded on the transcript.

To configure which grade levels appear on the transcript:

  1. Go to the Transcripts tab
  2. Click on Transcript Options
  3. Change the grade levels as needed using the fields labeled "Report on grade levels between..."
  4. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page

Additionally, Gradelink gives Administrators the ability to override this filter and forcibly include certain grades on the transcript even if they aren't included in the grade level filter. For example, grades earned by 8th graders for completing high school courses prior to entering high school can be displayed on the student's transcript even if the filter is set to only display grades for grade levels 9-12.

There are two ways that this can be accomplished:

  1. The "Ignore Filter" setting in the Classes tab
  2. The "Ignore Grade Level Filter" setting that appears in the Add Grades and Edit Grades sections of the Transcripts tab

There are two major differences between these methods.

If the setting "Ignore Filter" is enabled for a particular class in the Classes tab, then grades earned in that class will appear on the Report Cards and Transcripts of every student in that class. If the same setting is enabled in the Transcripts tab, however, it will only apply to a single student.

Additionally, these settings behave differently if your school uses Parent Terms. The Transcript only displays grades for Parent Terms; this means that if you are going to activate the "Ignore Grade Level Filter" setting in the Transcripts tab, you must do so by selecting the grade that appears in the Parent Term. 

The opposite is true for the "Ignore Filter" setting in the Classes tab: if you activate the setting once, then it will apply to every other version of the class that belongs to the same Parent Term. In the example shown below, as long as "Ignore Filter" is active for a class in any Child Term, it will appear on the transcript.