1. Can we include a class rank on student transcripts?

2. How does Gradelink calculate class rank?


Gradelink gives Administrators the ability to include a student’s class rank on their transcript. 

However, Gradelink can calculate class rank using two different methods. It's important for administrators to understand how both work and make sure you select the appropriate method for your school before generating transcripts.

  • The first method calculates class rank by comparing all students that graduated in the same year
  • The second method calculates class rank by comparing all students in a particular grade level, regardless of what year they graduated

There are a few other details that administrators should be aware of before including class ranks on the transcript.

Students must have a graduation date recorded on their profile in the Students tab or else they will not be included in the calculation. This is because students without a graduation date are not considered part of a “graduating class” and therefore can not be compared in order to produce a class rank.

Additionally, Gradelink only takes the year value into account when looking at graduation dates. For example, a student who graduated on 6/16/12 would be in the same graduating class as a student who graduated on 8/4/12.

Finally, if you choose to calculate class ranks using the second method specified above, note that students who are marked as Inactive (including Alumni) will be included in the calculation.

To include class ranks on the transcript:

  1. Go to the Transcripts tab
  2. Click on Transcript Options at the top of the page
  3. Check the box labeled Display class rank and then select which calculation method you would like to use
  4. Click Save Changes