Parent Terms are used in Gradelink when you want multiple terms to be grouped together under a larger “umbrella” term, such as having two Quarters grouped together under a Semester.

Parent Terms function differently when included on reports such as Report Cards and Transcripts.

On the Report Card, administrators have the option of selecting individual terms or selecting their parent term. Depending on which term(s) they select, the report card will display different information. For example, if an administrator generates a report card for two Quarters, each Quarter will have will have a column dedicated to grades received in that term. However, if those Quarters belong to a Semester parent term, and the administrator selects the Semester instead of the Quarters when generating a report card, then only one grade will be displayed - an average of the grade achieved in each Quarter.

On the Transcript, terms that belong to a parent term will not be displayed; only the parent term will appear.

Note: When assigning child terms to a Parent term, be sure that the Start and End dates of the Parent term range from the Start date of the first sub-term to the End date of the last sub-term included; i.e., Semester 1 should have a Start Date that matches Quarter 1 and an End Date that matches Quarter 2.