Double Rounding is an optional setting that influences how grades for Parent Terms are calculated on the Report Card.

Generally speaking, grades for Parent Terms are calculated by averaging the grades from its Child Terms and then rounding those values to whole numbers. Consider the example below:

In this example, the grades from Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 are averaged together and then rounded to the nearest whole number.

Now, let's look at the same example but this time with "Double Rounding" enabled:

This time, you'll note that the grades from each Quarter are rounded before they are averaged, and then rounded again after being averaged. Hence the name, "Double Rounding".

In most cases, "Double Rounding" won't impact grades in a significant way. In the examples above, only two grades were impacted: the grade for "English" and the grade for "Physical Education", and even then the difference is only one percentage point in each case.

That being said, if you believe double rounding is causing undesired results, contact your school Administrator or contact Gradelink Support and we will modify this setting.