Some schools include a Final Exam that is worth a specific percentage of the overall Term grade. In Gradelink, this can be accomplished by creating an Exam Term.

An Exam Term is a special type of term that is worth a specific amount of the overall grade for its parent term. For example, if a school divides a Semester into two Quarters and an Exam Term, and the Exam Term had a weight of 20%, that would mean that each Quarter would contribute 40% of the Semester's overall grade.

It's sometimes the case that not all classes in an Exam Term require a final grade. Fortunately, if you do not enter any grades for a particular class that appears in an Exam Term, then the Exam Term will not contribute to the overall grade for that class.

Exam Terms have special properties when they are included on reports. On Report Cards, if you include an Exam Term its grades will appear in a separate column labeled “Exam”. However, Exam Term grades are not included on the Transcript, even though they will still contribute to their Parent Term's overall grade.