The Prospective Student Form simplifies the process of capturing contact information from interested visitors to your school's website.  This data is automatically entered into your Gradelink account, allowing you to follow up at your convenience.  Non-technical users will find the tracking system easy to use, but may need some technical support to add the form to the school’s website. Administrators can even receive automatic email notifications when a new Prospective Student Form is submitted. The form can be added to your school’s public website as well as to your mobile device allowing you to capture leads "on the go."


  • Prospects visiting your website can provide their contact information, which is automatically saved in Gradelink
  • Office staff can manually enter information from prospects who call or walk into the school office
  • The Prospective Student Form is optimized for mobile devices, making it easy to use at outdoor community events and open houses
  • Staff can receive email alerts when a new prospect submits their information
  • Track prospects by entering notes, programs of interest and follow-up actions