1. How do we embed the Prospective Student Form on our website?


Embedding the Prospective Student Form is a straightforward process, and Gradelink automatically does some of the work for you.

To get started, click on the “Settings” tab and then select the “Marketing“ sub-tab.

Gradelink generates the appropriate HTML embed code automatically; all you need to do is copy the code and add it to the appropriate page on your school's website.

While the individual fields on the form cannot be altered, the form's appearance can be customized slightly by altering the HTML. 

For example, by default the form will be aligned to the left. Schools can change this by replacing




Furthermore, the  height and width properties can be adjusted to match your website. Rather than using the default values

height:370px; width:770px;

you could make the form fill 100% of its available width by using the following:

height:370px; width:100%;

Note: While the HTML embed code explicitly defines the height and width, the Prospective Student Form is responsive to the width of the browser. That means that when the browser width is less then 767 pixels (such as on a mobile device), the form will dynamically adjust from two columns to a single column.