You can choose to offer EnrollMe in both English and Spanish, and applicants are free to select their own language preferences. Future languages are being configured to work with EnrollMe.

Q: How do I enable the Spanish language option for my parents via EnrollMe?

A: Contact a Gradelink representative to get it set up for you today. Please keep in mind that there may be a one-time setup fee.

Q: What other languages can I add?

A: At this time, Gradelink only offers English and Spanish-compatible versions of enrollment forms through EnrollMe. If you have any suggestions or feedback on the languages you’d like offered, please contact Gradelink support and let us know!

Q: Do I need to personally translate all of my own EnrollMe forms, or does Gradelink perform automatic translation (similar to Google Translate)?

A: Text is not auto-translated on the fly. We may require your assistance in the translation of some forms.

Q: What will parents see with the bilingual option enabled?

A: At the start of the enrollment process, parents should see a simple language selection button that allows them to determine which version of the forms they’d prefer to fill out.

Q: Will my automated emails alerts be sent in Spanish?

A: The EnrollMe status emails are configured individually on a school-by-school basis. If your school would like bilingual support in these status emails, you can choose to include both English and Spanish text with the configurable email templates.

Q: If parents enter their information in Spanish, will it automatically be translated back into English so that I can read it?

A: Most of the information entered isn’t language specific (i.e., names, addresses, date of birth, etc.), but if your forms include customized text fields such as, “Why did you choose our school?”, then these will not be automatically translated for you.