1. Click the Settings tab then click the Daily Attendance Settings button at the bottom.
  2. Enter a line for “non-school” day or “Holiday” or something similar that you want to use for non-school days.
  3. Click Submit Changes at the top
  4. Click Specify Non-School days at the top
  5. Enter the name of the non-school day(s) such as “Presidents Day” or “Spring Break”
  6. Choose the attendance code that you previously entered for the non-school day.
  7. Click Submit Changes

The result appears on attendance reports,  student/parent interface and on the integrated calendar.  Non-school days can be specified for the future or the past.


Note: Any mark used in “Specify non-school days” MUST have the “Excluded Attendance” box check or else the attendance calculations will be incorrect.

To add a "Holiday/Inservice" to the drop down menu, edit your Daily attendance settings.