Financial Reports

From within the Financial section, click on the “Reports” tab at the top of the screen. There will be a box which allows you to specify the type of report to run, the session, the billing periods, and if it is for all students, a family, or a student.

 Under “Report to Run”, specify the type of report you want to run. Select the session for which you are running the report. You will also need to select a billing period for the report from the drop down box below the words “Billing period for”. Select the billing period for which you would like to run the statement.  Determine whether you want to print for an individual student, all students, or a family. Then choose run/refresh report which will generate the report for you. If you elected to run statements for multiple students, you can navigate to the next statements using the forward and back arrows (above where the school address displays). You can also click on the picture of the blue floppy disk to export the statements to PDF, Microsoft Word, or Excel. You can then email the statement to parents, or print out a hard copy for distribution.