Full access administrators and limited admins given access to the Communicate tab are able to email other teachers and staff as well as all students and parents.

Teachers are able to email other teachers and staff, as well as the students in their classes. Teachers cannot email students that aren't in any of their classes and they cannot email parents and students separately. 

Administrators must enable teacher access by clicking on the Settings tab, then clicking Teacher, and clicking the box next to "Communication Tab." 

Who Can Receive Emails: 

  • Students and Parents which includes Newly Enrolled StudentsRe-enrolled StudentsStudents Not Re-Enrolled and Student Alumni.
  • Teachers can receive emails via the Communicate tab to their stored email accounts, which now include fields for Personal and Other.
  • Administrators with both full and limited access accounts.
  • No Access Staff can now also receive emails via Communicate if they have a valid email address entered in the Staff page.