Gradelink is designed so that teachers can only email students/parents whom they have contact with. If you want specific teachers to be able to email the whole school, you could accomplish this by making them the teacher of a class that includes all the students in the school. This is ideal for teachers who are planning school or class trips.

How to setup:

  1. Create a new class on the Classes tab. (See How to create a class)
  2. Name the class whatever you wish: Such as “School Trip 2014”.
  3. Set the Teacher to be the teacher whom you want to give email access to. If there are multiple teachers, add the others as Secondary Teachers.
  4. Set the Class Type to Sport to hide the class from academic reports. Teachers of Sports type classes will have access to student’s current grades via the Sports eligibility Report but will not have access to the student’s profile, medical or discipline records.
  5. Click Save Changes
  6. Populate the class with all of the students (See How to populate classes)