Not all posts need to be published immediately. An unpublished post won’t appear on the student/parent login, but you can still access it to edit and publish it later. Any post that is Saved but not Published will wait in the Post Editor queue until it is deleted or published.

To edit an unpublished post, select the post from the dropdown menu on the left and start typing. All posts listed in the queue will include a status (Published or PostNotPublished) to help make things easier. You can also use the arrows on the sides of the menu to jump between posts chronologically.

Saved posts can be published, and published posts can be unpublished at any time simply by clicking Publish or Unpublish when editing the post. Once you click Publish,  any changes made should be visible immediately.

Press the Cancel button to revert a post you’ve been working on to the last saved draft or published version of the post.