If a student withdraws from your school, you should mark them as Inactive.

To mark a student as Inactive:

  1. Click the Students tab
  2. Select a student
  3. Change the Status from Active to Inactive
  4. Click Save

Additionally, you can enter a Withdrawal Date on their profile that will appear on the student's transcript.

Report cards, transcripts and attendance reports can still be run for students marked as Inactive. However, on the Students tab, the student’s name will only show up on the Inactive list. Furthermore, the attendance roster will not show the student’s name for future dates and the student's name will be grayed out and appear at the bottom of the gradesheet.

Note: As a safety feature, Gradelink will not allow students to be removed from classes in which they have grades and/or attendance. This means that if you want to completely remove a student from a class, you’ll need to delete any grades or attendance entered for them during the current grading period.