There are multiple statuses that a student can have. For EnrollMe users, these fields are managed automatically. Active statuses allow students to be populated into classes, receive grades, etc. Inactive statuses are for students not currently enrolled in any classes with your school. Here is a more detailed description of what each status means as well as what the status does:

“Active” Students:

  1. Active: This is the general status for any student currently enrolled in your school.  Students with this status can be populated into classes and receive grades. They will also have access to a live student login account.
  2. Reenrollment: Students with this status function exactly the same way as students with an “Active” status. This status is used to record that the student will be returning to your school next year.

“Inactive” Students:

  1. New Enrollment: Students with this status have submitted an application for the next school year, but are not currently enrolled at your school.
  2. Inactive: This status is primarily used for students who leave your school.
  3. Alumni: Students who have been promoted and then made inactive will receive this status. This means that they have graduated from your school.