The Medical tab is a place to record and view a student's medical history, immunization status, medications, exams and visits to the school nurse. As an Administrator in Gradelink, you can customize the options in each drop-down menu to reduce the time it takes to record new entries and to to maintain consistent documentation.

To customize the options that appear in each drop-down menu, you need to use the Coding Menu:

  1. Click the Students tabĀ 
  2. Click the Admin sub tab.
  3. Select CodingĀ on the top left.

There are five categories (one labeled "Immunizations" and four labeled "Medical"), that correspond to various drop-down menus found in the Medical section:

  • Immunizations - Types includes a list of common vaccinations, such as IPV for Polio and MMR for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella.
  • Medical - Visit Reasons includes symptoms that a student experienced or reasons that a student would need to visit the nurse/office.
  • Medical - Findings includes items or observations about the student's condition.
  • Medical - Treatments includes steps the nurse/office took to provide care for the student.
  • Medical - Referral Types includes individuals the nurse/office informed as a result of the student's visit.

To add a new entry to any of these categories, select it from the list on the left, hit the Add button, and then fill out the fields on the right. Don't forget to hit Save.

Note: Some of the coding lists may be blank when you select them. However, this does NOT mean the list is empty. If a coding menu appears blank, that means that Gradelink is using default values. As soon as you start adding new values, they will appear normally.