The Counseling/Discipline section offers Administrators flexible tracking of discipline, positive and negative behavior issues, merits, demerits, academic goals and more. Record incidents or meritorious behavior complete with dates, actions taken, people involved, etc.

If granted by administrators, teachers can view discipline entries, add their own and optionally edit other entries if appropriate. Teachers even get a flag notification on their grade sheet when an incident has been entered during the day, prompting them to view the discipline entries. Now the 5th period teacher will know when a student has been having behavioral issues since 2nd period.

A new school year means a clean slate. But in case students get off to a rocky start, schools can now offer parents access to their child’s discipline entries on Gradelink. Parents can view incident information such as dates, locations and the disciplinary actions taken for every entry. Plus you can customize what information you’d like to share with parents: perfect for those informative parental talks.