Gradelink highly recommends that all schools have at least two Full Administrator accounts.

There are three major reasons why having at least two Full Administrator accounts is beneficial for schools:

  1. There are many settings and functions in Gradelink that are only available to Full Administrators. For example, only Full Administrators have access to the Staff tab (which is where new staff accounts can be created) and the Settings tab, which controls a wide variety of other features in Gradelink.
  2. Gradelink staff do not share account information such as user names or passwords, which means that the responsibility for helping staff and students recover their accounts falls on Full Administrators. If there's only one Full Administrator, then that means no one will be able to help them recover their account if they ever forget their password.
  3. If only one person understands why school-wide settings were configured in a certain way, then that makes it difficult to understand why those decisions were made should the Full Administrator ever leave the school.