Implementation Road Map

Step 1)  Open up the Records Transfer Spreadsheet and watch the Implementation Video. Watching the video will answer most of your questions.

Step 2)  Enter your student, staff and class records into the attached Records Transfer Spreadsheet.

Step 3)  Complete the Implementation Questionnaire (this usually takes 10 minutes or less). Please do not e-mail it.

Step 4)  Watch the Administrative Training Video and make sure the Teachers watch the Teacher Training Video and the Lesson Plans Video.

Step 5)  If needed, a Consultation Meeting will be scheduled; you will receive an e-mail to schedule a 15 minute call to review the materials you sent us*

Step 6)  Administrative Q&A**

 *Consultation can only be scheduled once we have received your questionnaire and we require a one week minimum setup time between the consultation meeting and the administrator training. Please plan accordingly.

**Please note that Administrative Q&A sessions are subject to availability.