How to Set Up:

  1. Navigate to the Classes Tab.
  2. Click the gear icon next to the grade scale selector.

  3. Select a Grade Scale you would like to add to the Deficiency Report.
  4. Choose which letter grade the deficiency report is based on. A “blank” means no grade will be considered deficient for classes that use that grade scale.

How to Run a Report:

  1. Teacher click the “Deficiency report” button on their “reports” tab then enter a comment for each student.

  2. Administrators run the deficiency report for one to all students.  (Admin Reports / first column just below the progress report)

Note: The deficiency report looks at the “active” terms. So if you want to run a report on Semester 1 then click the Terms tab and make Quarter 1 and 2 “active” before running the report. Making a term “active” doesn’t un-conclude the grades, it just tells Gradelink which term is the current term you’re working with and in this case we want to work with multiple terms.