Gradelink makes scheduling classes easy with the Simple Teacher Schedule, a visual representation of how your classes are scheduled throughout the day. The report is located under the ‘Teachers’ heading in the Administrator Reports tab.

To generate the schedule, simply select a term using the dropdown menu at the top of the page.

It is important to note that only “child” terms will be available, not parent terms or exam terms.

Once a term is selected, the report will appear below with teachers listed alphabetically by last name on the left and each class period listed across the top.

Each class will appear in a bubble displaying its title as well as the number of students enrolled in it. 

Selecting a particular class will expand the window to show the complete roster as well as each student’s current grade in the class.

In cases when a teacher has multiple classes scheduled for the same period, the report will display those classes in a different color to indicate a potential scheduling conflict.