Possible Scenario(s): 

1. How can I get a report on a student's shot history?

2. How can I export a record of a student's vaccines?


The Immunization Records Report pulls student immunization information from other parts of the Medical section and summarizes them in an easily exportable report. The report includes information such as when particular vaccinations were performed as well as test dates and results for PPD testing and chest x-rays.

Administrators can access this Report from the Students tab:

  1. Click on the Medical tab.
  2. Click on the Report button.
  3. Select the student(s) that you would like to include on the report. You can either select all students with a particular Account Status or select an individual student.
  4. Click on Run/Refresh Report.
  5. Click this icon to save a copy of the report. Gradelink can export as an Excel spreadsheet, a PDF, or a Word document.