Gradelink's Family Directory report is under the Administrator Reports tab.

This report can only be printed via PDF.

This report includes the following drop-downs:

Show: dropdown allows you to select what items show on the report

Status: Shows families with only students that meet this Status filter

Grade Levels: Shows families with only students that meet this Grade Level filter

There is also a Search Box which will show families that include the text searched for.  The following fields are included when searching.  

  • Father Name

  • Mother Name

  • Children Name

  • Address

  • Email

  • Ethnicity

  • Religion

  • Place of Worship

Families are ordered by the most common last name of all the students in that family 

Students are listed ordered by age with the oldest student first

The Address is clickable and will bring up Google Maps

If a phone number type (work, cell, home) is not determined, then it will be listed as a home number in the Family Directory.

Note: The only way to allow a family to opt-out of the being included in the Family Directory is to temporarily deactivate their students' accounts, export the Directory, and then reactivate the accounts.