Possible Scenario:

1.  An attempt to change a transaction from a previous session results in a balance transfer error.

2.  How do I undo a balance transfer?


Please follow the following steps:

If a transaction for a prior session was entered incorrectly, you will need to go back and change it.  If Gradelink prevents you from doing so because of a balance transfer, here are a few steps necessary to make the change.

1. Make sure the Receivables Edit Status of the session containing the error is set to Open. 

In the current session you will have to set the Period Status of the billing period into which last year’s outstanding balances were transferred to “Open.”

  (Above)  1. You will to select the current month.

                2. Change the Period Status from Closed to to Open.  Click on the Save button at the lower right.

                3. Change it from Open to Pending.  Click on the Save button at the lower right.

1. This process will need to be repeated until the first month of the session. (See below)

1. Now you will need to change the billing period from the previous session in which balances were transferred open. This will undo the balance transfer and allow you to make edits. 

1. Go to the student's ledger and change the transaction type to the correct one. 

If the system does not allow you to edit the transaction, click on the Admin button in the upper right.  Click on the Settings button in the upper left center.  Click on the box next to Enable edits to closed periods so that a check mark appears.  This should now allow editing of the error on the ledger.

After correcting the error, set the Period Status of the last month of the previous session to close.  Click on Admin, click on Sessions, and set the Receivables Edit Status to Close. 

In the current session, set the Period Status of the open period to close and click on the Save button at the lower right.  Set the Period Status of the next month to Open and click on the Save button.  Follow this procedure until the desired billing period is set to Open.