How do I add assignments to a Lesson Plan?


Teachers have the ability to attach existing Assignments (created in the Assignments tab) to their Lesson Plans, as well as the ability to create brand new Assignments within the Lesson Plans interface.

To add an Assignment to a Lesson Plan:

1. Click on the Lesson Plans tab.

2. Make sure you are viewing the correct Term.

3. Click on the Lesson Plan you would like to add an Assignment to.

4. Click on the Assignments sub-tab. If you don't see the Assignments sub-tab, you can enable it by going to Tab Settings. For information about Tab Settings, please click here.

5. You now have two options: Add New or Select Existing from GradeSheet.

Option 1: Add New

1. Add details about the assignment, such as Title and Due Date.

2. Make sure the Assignment is associated with the correct Assignment Type.

3. Pick a Grading Style.

4. Decide whether you'd like to add the Assignment to the Lesson Plan or whether you'd like to add the Assignment to both the Lesson Plan and the Grade Sheet.

Option 2: Select existing from GradeSheet

1. Select the Assignment you would like to add to the Lesson Plan from the list of assignments that appears on the right.

2. Click Add to Lesson.