Possible Scenario:

1. How do I run a student roster report?

2. How do I generate a student roster?


The Student Roster Report summarizes information recorded in the Demographics section of the Students tab. To generate the report:

  1. Click the Students tab
  2. Click the View/ Export sub-tab
  3. Click on Roster

The Student Roster is a dynamic report that can be filtered to view only specific information. For example, you can type the name of a particular student in the search bar at the top of the "Student name" column if you only want to view that student's information. 

You can also click on the search bars and select a value from the list that appears to view only the entries that have that value. For example, if your school uses Tags to keep track of students that receive lunches at a reduced price, you could filter the Roster to only show those students.

If you would like to export the Roster, click on the Excel icon in the top right corner.