How to copy and paste a Word doc. with images to School News/Teacher Pages.

Why aren't my pictures/images showing when I paste from Microsoft Word?

Possible Solution:

1. Open the "Word" document.

2. Select it and use the "Ctrl + C" to copy.

3. Use "Ctrl + V" to paste into School News/Teacher Pages.

4. Right-click to cut the broken image.

5. Click now on the image icon on the toolbar.

6. Click on "Choose File" and find the picture on your computer.

7. Wait until you see the small picture preview below "Choose File".

8. Click "Advanced"

9. Click "Width" and enter a value in between 150-1200 and make sure "Lock Ratio" is selected.

10. Click Okay.

11. Review the graphics and if you need to make changes right-click > image > change values, size, etc.

12. Very important before leaving the page, name the post and click "Save", now click "Preview".

Note: Demonstration only, there is no sound to the video.