1. A parent or student has shown us that they are receiving an incorrect GPA. How do we fix it?

2. How do we 'fix' a GPA? How do we tell if it is being calculated incorrectly?


Gradelink is essentially a giant GPA calculator: it looks at the grades a student has earned in each class, factors in any settings that may have been enabled, and calculates the GPA. However, like a calculator if the wrong information is put in then the wrong information is going to come out. 

In other words, if the GPA for a student appears inaccurate, the most likely explanation is that settings have been configured incorrectly.

1. Class Types

Not every class contributes to a student's GPA. For more information about which classes do or do not contribute to the GPA, please click here.

2. Units/ Credits

Gradelink does NOT just average the GPA from each class together when calculating overall GPA. As a result, it is incredibly important that each class has the correct number of units/credits. In fact, this is the MOST common place for errors with a student's GPA calculation.

To add or edit units/credits:

1. Click on the Classes tab.

2. Select a class from the list on the right.

3. Check the Units/ Credits. If the value is incorrect, change it to the correct value.

4. Click on the Save button.

 It's a good idea to check all of the classes a student is enrolled in, just to be safe.

3. Grade Scale(s)

Just like Class Types, not every grade scale calculates GPA. By default, the built-in Standard and Honors grade scales are the only ones that do, so it's important to double-check which grade scales are assigned to your classes.

1. Click on the Classes tab.

2. Next to where it says Grade Scale, click on the gear icon.

1. Select the appropriate Grade Scale in the top right hand corner.

2. Select one of the grade scale values.

3. Check to see is the GPA Value is correct. If not, change it to the correct one.

4. Click on Submit Changes.