Learn more about FACTS Tuition.

Gradelink allows parents to easily login to their FACTS Tuition accounts through Gradelink using the free FACTS Single Sign On integration. Please note that this integration does not exchange any data with Gradelink; instead it serves as a single sign-on to make it easier for Parents to access their FACTS accounts.

In order set up this integration, you'll need to perform the following steps:

1. Provide your school's FACTS credentials to your Gradelink support rep. 

Gradelink requires:

  • An API Key
  • An Institution Key
  • and an Institution ID

All three of these credentials can be obtained directly from your FACTS account or representative.

2. Add Family credentials to Student accounts.

Once Gradelink has received the appropriate FACTS credentials, new fields will be enabled on the Student tab that allow you to input a FACTS ID and Username for each account. Filling in this information is required for parents to login to FACTS, from Gradelink.

While Administrators can enter this information manually for each Student account, FACTS can also generate custom reports which can then be provided to Gradelink for import (fee may apply), saving you and your staff time. At bare minimum, Gradelink requires Customer ID, Username, and the First and Last Name of each Student, but generally the complete table can be sent to Gradelink.