Gradelink allows teachers to modify the behavior and appearance of their Lesson Plans using a variety of built-in settings. These settings can be accessed using the "Settings" button at the top of the page and are grouped into two categories: Tab Settings and Class Settings.

In Tab Settings, you can control which sub-tabs appear when creating a Lesson Plan, as well as how those sub-tabs behave when viewing Lesson Plans in different formats. Additionally, you can select which days of the week you would like to appear in the Lesson Plans interface.

Teachers can add up to 8 elements that will appear as sub-tabs when creating Lesson Plans,  each with its own unique text entry field. 

However, there are three unique elements that add extra functionality: 

  • Assignments: The Assignments sub-tab allows you to attach existing Assignments from the grade sheet to the Lesson Plan and even create new Assignments without leaving the Lesson Plans interface.
  • Standards: The Standards sub-tab allows you to associate multiple Standards with a particular Lesson Plan.
  • Attachments: The Attachments sub-tab allows you to attach a variety of different files to the Lesson Plan.

The boxes on the left allow you toggle whether these elements are active, and on the right you can determine their visibility while using certain Views. 

In the example shown above, the "Objectives" element is configured to appear in the Day View but not in the Week View.

In Class Settings, all classes assigned to the selected teacher will appear on the left while on the far right you will see the Period chart, which allows you to set which period of the day each class occupies.

If you click the gear icon next to their names, you can activate the bi-weekly format, which allows classes to alternate between different settings. Classes set to use the Bi-Weekly format will include a "Week A" and "Week B" on the Period chart on the right. By default, Bi-Weekly classes alternate between "Week A" and "Week B", but bi-weekly classes can also be configured to start with "Week B" instead.

It is important to note that this setting is only used for changing the order of classes in the Lesson Plans interface and does not actually change the schedules assigned to classes. If you would like to change the schedules for any of your classes, you'll need to contact one of your school's Administrators.

Last but not least, the "Color" menu allows you to assign a color code to each class that will be used for the Lesson Plans below.