1. Should I copy classes to my Exam Term?

2. Which classes should I add to the exam term?


Exam Terms are a special type of term that contribute a specific amount to the overall term grade. However, with regards to copying classes, Exam Terms have special properties that Administrators should be aware of.

When classes are copied from an existing term to an exam term, only academic classes are copied. Gradelink defines an "academic" class as any class that uses the Standard or Credit / No Credit class types. This means that when you copy classes to an exam term, classes such as Sports, Attendance, or Term Comments will not be copied. However, you can still create classes that use non-academic class types.

Depending on how your school wants to conduct final exams, you may or may not need to copy classes at all. For example, some schools don't use the same classes that they used in previous terms and instead just create one "Final Exam" class for the entire school. In this scenario, they wouldn't copy classes and would just create a new one in the Exam Term.