1. Is there a way to delete a Batch Transaction?

2. What should I do if I created a Batch Transaction for the wrong students?

3. How do I delete Batch Transactions?


It may sometimes be necessary to delete a Batch Transaction and all of the individual transactions that belong to it. Rather than deleting them one at a time, administrators have the ability to delete entire Batch Transactions at once.

To delete a Batch Transaction:

  1. Select the "History" sub-tab
  2. Select the Batch Transaction that you'd like to delete
  3. Click "Delete"

This will bring up a confirmation window asking you if you are sure that you'd like to delete the selected Batch Transaction. It is not possible to recover a Batch Transaction after it has been deleted, so if you're absolutely sure that you want to delete the one you've selected, click "Yes".

When you delete a Batch Transaction:

  • First, the Batch Transaction (including all of its individual transactions) will be deleted; you should see it instantly disappear from the "History" sub-tab
  • Second, a new record will be added to the list of deleted Batch Transactions corresponding to the one you just deleted
  • Third, the "edit log" for the new record will note when the Batch Transaction was deleted and by who

If you would like to view the list of deleted Batch Transactions, you can do so by checking the box labeled "Show Deleted" that appears in the top right corner of the "History" sub-tab:

It's worth noting that when box "Show Deleted" is checked, you will only be able to see deleted Batch Transactions. If you want to see the regular history again, you'll need to uncheck it.